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  • 2021

    ISO13485 Medical instruments Certified (Shenzhen Plant)

  • 2020

    Passed IAFT 16949 Certification (JiangXi)

    Integration of informatization and industrialization Management system certification (ShenZhen)
    Passed ISO 45001 Certification (ShenZhen)

  • 2019

    GB/T29490 Intellectual Property Certified (Shenzhen Plant)

    Honored as demonstration enterprise for intergration of informatization and industrialization (Shenzhen Plant)

    UL & ISO14001 Certifed (Jiangxi Plant)

  • 2018

    On March Jiangxi Q&D Circuits Tech Co., Ltd. was put into production (Jiangxi)

    Honered as“ National High-tech Enterprise” certification for the first time (Jiangxi).

    Passed ISO 9001 certification. (Jiangxi)

  • 2017

    UL Approval for 12OZ super heavy copper PCB (ShenZhen)

  • 2016

    On September 29, Jiangxi Q&D Circuits Tech Co., Ltd. was established (Jiangxi)

  • 2014

    Passed TS 16949 certification (ShenZhen)

  • 2012

    Honered as “National High-Tech Enterprise” (ShenZhen)

  • 2008

    Passed ISO 14001 certifiication (ShenZhen)

  • 2005

    Passed ISO 9001 certification (ShenZhen).

  • 2004

    On May 31, Shenzhen Q&D Circuits Co., Ltd. was established in Bao`an District, Shenzhen.