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Advantage salary

The company can provide employees with competitive compensation in the industry, and buy pension, medical and industrial injury insurance for employees. The company has one or two salary adjustment opportunities every year.

Generous benefits

The company s and awards excellent employees every year, and provides communication subsidies, housing subsidies, night shift subsidies, seniority awards, etc.

Intelligence enhancement

The company adheres to the talent strategy of external introduction and internal training, provides employees with perfect and personalized training system and one-to-one career planning, and strengthens its own competitive advantages in the workplace.

Workplace training

The company now has a complete training system, which can provide comprehensive professional skills training for employees

Sports and entertainment

The company regularly holds large-scale cultural and sports activities, such as basketball match, badminton match, chess match, tug of war competition, etc. every year, it organizes all employees to travel and outdoor training.


In recruitment and recruitment, we pay attention to people's quality, potential, acter, education background and experience, follow the principle of fair ion and open competition, and sincerely recruit talents from all walks of life. Every year, we a group of outstanding fresh graduates from many universities all over the country as talent reserves. After training and internship, they are sent to important positions in the company.

In the process of human resource development, we insist on creating a fair, just and open atmosphere, implement humanized management, and establish a set of mechanism to fully develop personal potential, so as to provide each employee with development space to fully realize their own value while realizing the overall goal of the enterprise.


We fully respect the personality, dignity and values of employees, and establish a humanistic atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual understanding, full communication, full coordination and harmony within the company. We strive to cultivate employees' sense of responsibility, dedication and dedication, spirit and team spirit, which is the essence of our corporate culture. The success of an enterprise, in addition to the products and services provided in line with the market demand, the centripetal force of internal staff, team cohesion and enthusiasm and engagement in work are often very important factors.

Recruitment position